Under the Weather® Bench


The Under the Weather® Bench perfectly fits the XLDeluxePod™ and the MyPodDoubleX™. Constructed of Aluminum & Canvas. You'll love this bench and personal sport pod tents because they pop-up and fold down in a snap. 

Perfect for moms, dads, sports parents, and friends who want to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the game in comfort. Catch all the outdoor sports action including football, soccer, softball, baseball, lacrosse, and field hockey in comfort and safety. Enjoy shade from the sun, shelter from the rain. Be There. Weather or Not™.


    1. 44” Length x 29” Width x 4" Tall (Folded)
    2. 44” Length x 23” Width x 32 Tall (Standing)
    3. Maximum Weight Allowance: 450 lbs.
    4. Weighs less than 10 lbs.
    5. Includes Shoulder Strap 

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