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The NEW patent pending MyPodScreen™ mesh insert fits perfectly inside your MyPod™.

This revolutionary design instantly transforms your MyPod™ into a shelter that protects you from mosquitoes and bugs, while also keeping you safe from the sun's harmful rays. Fine gauge ultra soft mesh insert allows the breeze to keep you cool. The MyPodScreen™ is a perfect addition to your MyPod™.

The MyPodScreen™ has no floor or ceiling and is not intended to be used without the MyPod™.

    1. 20″ Diameter Folded
    2. 35.5” X 35.5” X 58” Tall (Outside)
    3. 34” X 34” X 58” Tall (Inside)
    4. Portable and Lightweight (Approximately 2 lbs.)
    5. Fits inside any MyPod™
    6. Fine Gauge Ultra Soft Mesh insert
    7. Pops Up and Folds Down in Seconds

    8. Or Call (513) 871-0400
      MON-FRI 9:00AM to 5:00PM EDT

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    Our patented pods are built to last

    Each Under the Weather Pod is constructed with a durable steel wire frame, waterwind resistant polyester, and cold-treated clear PVC.

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