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The MyPodDoubleX™ is the ultimate two-person SportsPod!Larger than the MyPodXL, there is plenty of room for two people and a perfect fit for the Under the Weather™ Bench. Constructed with heavy-duty steel wires, waterproof nylon, side doors and a brand new premium zipper with PVC zipper pull. Get cozy, team up-- Double the body heat!/p>

Perfect for moms, dads, sports parents, and friends who want to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the game in comfort. The MyPod™ is perfect for catching all the outdoor sports action including football, soccer, softball, baseball, lacrosse, and field hockey. Enjoy shade from the sun, shelter from the rain. Be There. Weather or Not™. 

Matching Carry Case, Roof, and Ground Stakes Included
(Chair Sold Separately)

How To Fold Your SportsPod™


    1. Folded Diameter- 24"
    2. Inside Measurements: 46" Length x 46" Depth x 58" Tall
    3. Portable and Lightweight Weight: 8.9 lbs.
    4. Portable and Lightweight
    5. Fully Enclosable: Zips Inside & Out
    6. Roof Hooks on for Added Protection
    7. Clear Front and Sides Provide 270º Viewing
    8. Pops Up and Folds Down in Seconds
    9. Water and Wind Resistant
    10. Up to 30º Warmer Inside
    11. UPF 50 Sun Protection
    12. Durable, Heavy Duty Steel Wire Structure

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