Under the Weather® founder and CEO, Rick Pescovitz, NAILS it on “Shark Tank”


Those who regularly watch Shark Tank can tell when a presentation really hits the mark. Based on the Shark's enthusiasm and the overwhelming customer response, Rick's entertaining and passionate pitch was definitely one to remember.

Rick also recruited long time members of the Under the Weather® team, Jordan and Stacey, to endure some well crafted 'stage weather' for effect.


Watch the Shark Tank Episode


Shark Tank with Rick, Jordan, and Stacey


Rick on Shark Tank 2


How Rick Got on Shark Tank

Rick and Kelly were originally contacted by Shark Tank two years ago, however the submission didn’t make the cut. So, Rick decided to take it up a notch and sent in an updated video with himself sitting shirtless in an Under the Weather Pod during a snowstorm. Shark Tank producers responded back within days and the rest is history.


Local and National Media Coverage


Shark Tank Reveal Party Was a Blast!

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Congratulations for getting a deal and doing what he and Kelly do best… Celebrating with friends and family! We are looking forward to many more years of continued success and growing our business with a focus on quality products and top-notch customer service. We rely on customers like you for ongoing referrals so we want to once again THANK YOU for your ongoing support, feedback and business!