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Enjoy Comfort and Safety in a SportsPod™

We think everyone should be COMFORTABLE. WARM and DRY when it's cold and wet outside. SAFE when it's hot and sunny.


Fall Under the Weather 



Introducing Two New Members of the Under the Weather® SportsPod™ Family.


The MyPod™

The Under the Weather® MyPod™ lets you “connect” with friends and family! Brand new patent-pending design is constructed of durable steel wire, water and wind resistant, polyester and cold-treated clear PVC like our Original Pod™.

Sold individually, the non-tapered shape allows for side-by-side placement. Both side windows have been replaced with full zip doors allowing for side-by-side seating.


(10) Vibrant Colors

Includes: Matching Carry Case, Roof, and Ground Stakes 

(Chair Sold Separately)


Get Your MyPod™


The XLDeluxePod™


The Under the Weather® XLDeluxePod™ provides extra room and comfort, making it an ideal match for our XLDeluxePodBench™. In addition, sturdier wires and a back door with a lower lip allows for easy entry and exit. 

This SportsPod™ is the perfect solution for parents with little ones, grandparents or anyone on the go. Simply pop it up, unzip the back door and roll in a stroller or wagon. The XLDeluxePod™ is also wheelchair accessible.


(7) Vibrant Colors

Includes: Matching Carry Case, Roof, and Ground Stakes 

(XLDeluxePodBench™ Sold Separately)


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Connect Your MyPod™ Personal Pop-Up Tents and Enjoy the Game Under One Roof!

Connect multiple MyPod™ pop-up tents and have a Pod Party! Our special ConnectUp2 and ConnectUp4 roof attachments provide added rain and wind protection for two or four tents. Mix and match colors and support your team.


Connect Two SportsPod™ Tents

Two MyPod

Connect Four SportsPod™ TentsFour MyPod