About Under the Weather®

Under the Weather® has been home to the original pop-up WeatherPod™ since it was established in 2010 and is the brand of choice for outdoor enthusiasts the world over. First to market in the Outdoor Sports category, it's our mission to continue to innovate in weather protection, and relief, for sports parents, hobbyists, hikers, tailgating fans, festival buffs, and anyone who's determined to “Be There. Weather or Not.™”

Rick (right), CEO of Under the Weather®, with Kelly, company president and Rick's wife.Meet Rick. Inventor of the pop-up personal WeatherPod™.
Rick’s the guy with an entrepreneurial spirit and a brilliant idea. We all know most ideas usually end at the “brilliant idea” stage–but not for Rick. He’s spent years creating and perfecting the original, fully-enclosable personal Pod that pops-up and folds down in seconds (and we mean seconds).

The idea came to Rick on the sidelines of a soccer field sitting in 29° degree weather, with high winds and sleet, bundled up yet soaked to the bone and freezing cold. He sketched his first Pod on the way home.

Rick’s a Perfectionist.
Drawing from 30 years in the textile industry, and his love of backpacking, camping and all things sports-related, Rick was determined to make certain his Under the Weather® Pods could withstand even the harshest weather conditions. They also had to be compact, lightweight, portable and meet the highest standards of quality and construction. Check, check and check.

Make no mistake about it, these Pods are designed to do two things like none other on the market:
1. Provide temporary yet durable shelter that’s a snap to carry, pop-up and fold down.
2. Create a safe space that keeps out the elements and keeps us warm, dry and comfortable, from head to toe, whatever the weather.

    It’s a Pod, PodWorld™.
    More than 80 designs, styles and colors later, including the highly anticipated introduction of the MonsterMeshPod™, Rick and his team of Pod Specialists are still at it. Innovating better ways to brave the weather in comfort, anytime, anywhere, for a growing fan-base and community of sport parents and outdoor enthusiasts across the globe.

    From the sidelines to the backyard, the beach, hiking trails, street festivals, marathons, outdoor concerts… you name it, you’ll find a Pod… or two or three. The numbers keep growing. We have amazing and loyal customers (better known as the PodSquad™) who have woven their way into our success story, one Pod, tweet or post at a time. And we owe them the best we can deliver.

    Say “Hello” to the PodSquad™
    Here at Under the Weather®, it’s all about the Pod experience. And that begins with the UTW Pod Specialists. They live, eat and breathe pop-up Pods, from the front office to the warehouse, from concept to production to getting the word out–they work tirelessly to deliver superior Pod products and high-quality service to customers everywhere. So, it’s no wonder they’re considered part of the family, and our loyal Pod owners a part of the extended family, known as the PodSquad™. And, thanks to both the team and the PodSquad™, our company is growing and thriving. In less than a decade Under the Weather® is the leading personal pop-up Pod in the U.S. with multiple patents and distribution in Canada, Australia, and Europe. And, as they say, the rest is history.

    Making News.
    The Under the Weather® brand is fast becoming a household name. Our pop-up Pods have been featured in the news, numerous TV programs, articles and blogs including “Shark Tank”, NBC "Today", Weather Channel, Univision's ¡Despierta América!, The Huffington Post, and more!

    #BeThere. #WeatherOrNot.

    Under the Weather® "Shark Tank" watch party.