“Great idea! Now I can haul all my Pods without making multiple trips.”

Need an extra carry case? Maybe you’ve got two or three Pods you want to tote around together to save some time. The PodCarryCase™ is sized to fit our entire collection of modular and tapered Pods, as well as our MeshPod™. You can even pack two MyPod™ tents and two mesh screen inserts into one PodCarryCase™. That’s how roomy it is! Easy to use, easy to tote and saves you time. This carry case does it all.

  • Tote more Pods at one time easily and quickly
  • Sized to fit most of our WeatherPod™ tents
  • Fits two to three Pod tents easily depending on size
  • Weatherproof
  • Hands-free backpack shoulder straps

Note: MonsterMeshPod™ and ShadePod™ will NOT fit in the PodCarryCase™

Customization not available on this product.

    1. 27” diameter x 3.5” (T)
    2. Holds:
      •One: PhotoPod™, MegaPod™, MyPodDoubleX™
      •Up to Two: MyPodXL™, XLPod™, XLDeluxePod™, OriginalPod™, MyPod™, PrivacyPod™
      •Up to Three: MeshPod™ tents
      •Can also hold two MyPod™ tents and two MyPod™ screen inserts
    3. Portable and super lightweight
    4. Weather resistant
    5. 210 Oxford polyester
    6. Dual zippered for easy access
    7. Backpack shoulder straps keep hands free

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